Your most comfortable and hassle-free holiday

Receiving dialysis three times a week doesn’t mean giving up on well-deserved vacations. In Mallorca you can perform your treatment at the Hospital de Llevant, and continue enjoying a wonderful stay on the island with a good life quality.

Hospital de Llevant keeps increasing its services, this time integrating a Dialysis Center going hand in hand with NephroCare. NephroCare is the dialysis service brand of Fresenius Medical Care. It offers services in dialysis centers in more than 30 countries throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

All NephroCare dialysis centers do have equivalent equipments and they offer the same quality levels. By choosing a Fresenius Medical Care center, you will have the opportunity to obtain the NephroCare service to which you are accustomed.

If you are interested in receiving the dialysis service at the Hospital de Llevant, please contact us at +34 971822400. Our Dialysis coordinating team will give you support and advice so that you only have to concentrate on fulfilling your holidays.

List of collaborating hotels. Your transfer to the hospital will be more comfortable and agile.

Hospital de Llevant collaborates with these hotels, so that the performance of your dialysis treatment is as comfortable and agile as possible. From these hotels we will take care of the management of your transfer to the Dialysis center and your return to the hotel. Contact our staff in order to arrange it in the most comfortable way for you, so you can keep enjoying the vacation you deserve.